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Irvine School District
Math Pathway 

Common Core in Irvine  

Important Events:

* Entering 7th grade must take  Middle School Math  Acceleration Test

* Entering 8th grade must take  Algebra Acceleration Test

Common Core Background

§ § 

Do you know that

Common Core :(

SAT :((

  Khan Academy ???

are all sponsored by 

Bill Gates

 click for interview video by Washington Post

§ § § 


 the person who proposed

  Common Core to Bill Gates
is now in charge of SAT that

partners EXCLUSIVELY with 

"Khan Academy is the only

in the world besides

our own web
that students

can have free access
to the


 CEO of  College Board / SAT.

 is he into education system? 

 can we do to keep the advantage in college admission?

§ § § 

As an educator and Information

System Manager for university,

 I finally have a solution to bridge

up the missing linkages among 

Common Core,  SAT,  and  the

Practical Working Skills you need

to compete in today's global and

internet platform. 

-Tony Lee  4/28/2014

Young people, 
being saved 
from this crooked 

AP-Calculus, PreCal-Trignometry, Algebra, Geometry, General Math

Proven Experienced teacher guiding students to cope with various styles of tough teachers in Irvine Unified School District.

English (Including ELD student)

Worked as university enrollment department manager with UCI MBA Marketing, will sculpture writing skill for student to integrate outline, key-phrases, and burden into presentation. Also guide student from ELD to regular class in time to meet the UC/CSU requirement.


College Coaching

Shape student application profile via joining the extracurricular academic activities such as science fair, EPGY Stanford, UC COSMOS, CTY.  Guide GATE/APASS to proactively prepare resume & interview in early age.

SAT General and Subject

As a popular private academy instructor,  I will maximize SAT MATH score by customizing each student’s testing skills including grasping psychology of College Board test givers to discern the difficult and easy problem types.

Life Time Mentor

Students enter into SCI-Arc, UCLA, Berkeley, U Penn.. We still facebook.


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